• Rendang  is one of the 50 most delicious food in the world!
  • Indonesians don't consider anything without rice as a meal
  • Nasi Goreng  is the most favorite breakfast in Indonesia
  • Indonesian cooking uses tons of various herbs and spices
  • Soto Ayam  is the cure for all kinds of flu & cold symptoms
  • ​Indonesians can't live without their Sambal  & Kecap Manis

Fun facts

 selamat  datang!

Selamat Datang   is our Indonesian way to welcome you to our menu page.  Here at Satay Sarinah, we always strive to provide excellent dining experience every time you walk through our door.  Every single dish in our kitchen is meticulously prepared by our culinary-driven team of native-Indonesians, using traditional recipes that have been handed down for generations, with only the highest quality ingredients available on the market.   Whether you are just passing through the city of Alexandria, or you are lurking around simply because you have been craving for some good honest Indonesian food - there's always a dish in our menu that suits even the most finicky palate - 100% halal with options for both meat-lovers and vegetarians.  Among the array of choices, our signature dishes include the world's famous Beef Rendang and grilled Satay on bamboo skewers - all delicately crafted using countless fresh exotic herbs and spices with hours of marinating and slow cooking process to guarantee flavorful results.  Thinking to plan an awesome event?  Host your next special occasion with Satay Sarinah  and you surely won't be disappointed!  Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or corporate events, we will cater to your every wish!  Please wave and say hello when you are in the neighborhood...


Satay Sarinah is moving. We're temporary closed, and in the process of looking for new location. We'll post on this page our new address soon.
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