Chef Sonny attended a culinary arts school back in Indonesia and has been very passionate about cooking since he was a young teenager. Having been a chef at numerous restaurants throughout all his adult life, he has had the opportunity to find his own craft in maintaining flavorful menu and refining ethnic recipes along the way. Chef Sonny specializes in the traditional Indonesian food that are native to the East-Java province, and proudly puts his own creative spin on all of his signature dishes. In the summer of 2012, Chef Sonny found another fame and success in a cool food-truck business called "Saté-Truck", serving fresh Indonesian food on the streets of Washington DC.  Check it out!

 FROM  indonesia

  • Chicken Satay "Sate Ayam"
  • Spicy Beef Stew "Rendang"
  • Shrimp Chili "Udang Balado"
  • Fried Noodles "Mie Goreng"
  • Curry Noodle Soup "Laksa"
  • Javanese Soup "Soto Ayam"
  • Chicken Sticky Rice "Lemper"
  • Indonesian Salad "Gado-Gado"
  • Indonesian Spring Rolls "Lumpia"


Satay Sarinah is moving. We're temporary closed, and in the process of looking for new location. We'll post on this page our new address soon.
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Once upon a time...

Born and raised in Lumajang (East-Java) Indonesia, Sonny Setiantoko - owner of this family run restaurant immigrated to the United States armed with ambition, family recipes and culinary passion. The legacy started in 1985 with "Sarinah Satay House of Georgetown" where Indonesian delicacies had been served in its authentic traditional glory. Decades later, the accolades the restaurant received from the food industry remain to be a true testament of the owner's focus on 100% fresh ingredients, quality service, value for money and good honest food. In 1999, "Sarinah Satay House of Georgetown" relocated to Alexandria, VA - and revamped its brand into simply "Satay Sarinah".